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Dropped My Edeophone :-(

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Maybe some should start manufacturing Edeophone cradles?

I used water pipe insulation tubes (made from expanded polystyrene foam) to make a cradle for my round backed Hurdy Gurdy , after it rolled off a (low) table and bounced across a tiled floor !!


Some people have the habit of putting instruments on chairs ( a drunk sitting on a fiddle makes quite a mess) or leaning guitars against seemingly immovable objects ... with the inevitable results.


A concertina in its case that was run over by the owner's car made an interesting three dimensional jigsaw puzzle...


A Pub table is not a good place to put any musical instrument... back in its box when not in use is the best policy, though I'm sure we have all been guilty from time to time.


One of my customers, who had the habit of falling asleep at late night sessions, would unstrap his pipes and place them on the chair beside him before he dosed off..... awaking one time to find a large lady sitting next to him....on the Pipes :wacko: !

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Well gig bags, what can you expect. I think the motor car casualty may have been similarly not protected..


Many years ago a friend mistakenly backed over his Wheatstone English, in its original case. The case was smashed into fragments, none more a couple of inches (about 5 cm) across. One of the thumbscrews for holding a thumb strap was sheared off flush with the bellows end, but there was no other damage to the concertina.


Folks, don't try this at home. :o While Wheatstone concertinas in general are sturdy instruments, I'm sure the result in this case (pun acknowledged) was a miracle of coincidence and not something one could depend on.


The metal-ended 55-button New Model Maccann that fell from about waist height while halfway open was a different story: The one end hit the floor first, stopping suddenly (of course), while the momentum of the still-moving other end compressed the bellows so violently that it essentially exploded, splitting along half a dozen seams. :(


Edited to add this P.S.: When it's not in my hands, I make a habit of leaving my concertina in its case on the floor, preferably between my feet. If it's already on the floor, then it can't fall.

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Dare I mention that a"certain person" not me, dropped my Rosewood Holmwood and the end broke into several bits. I phoned Hamish lamenting this event, "Right hand or Left hand ?" He had a spare left hand in the same Rosewood as he had made a One Handed Concertina for a guy with , tha'ts right only one hand. Result within 3 days I had a brand new end that fitted perfectly. Oh the benefits of CNC.

Perhaps I should design a Concertina Pub Prop as we already make the Guitar/ Fiddle/ Uke / Banjo model for Marks Music

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It's back with thanks to Roy Whiteley (http://www.accordionmagic.com/) who has done a fine job of invisible repairs to the damaged end.

And if anyone here owns the Rosewood ended Jeffries currently on his bench, it's coming along nicely.

He's also partway through a new build of a very tidy looking anglo (could be worth a look - no EC's unfortunately)


If I can overcome my drop-o-phobia it'll be coming with me to a session tonight - at least they have a nice thick carpet there, and you can bet it's going into its box anytime I have to leave it!


Chris (sadder, wiser - and poorer)

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A concertina in its case that was run over by the owner's car made an interesting three dimensional jigsaw puzzle

I have a certain familiarity with this story and can vouch for the puzzle not being a 3D one, half of the concertina was in 2D..!


Yes, it was in a soft case at the time. Not a gig bag though, it was a Lowepro camera case (which survived the runover with no visible scars), a bag which is relatively stiff compared with a gig bag and very padded as well, much more padded than wooden traditional cases. Had it been in a conventional thin plywood case I don't think it would have survived in any better condition and maybe worse. Had it been in the Storm iM2075 where it is usually kept the story might have been different. However any hard case might have made a noise when it fell from the car and I might have heard that. Then again, it was a very busy street with loud trucks and buses so maybe not. Trouble was, the car was loaded by an idiot. He is responsible for almost everything that goes badly in the workshop too. I must have words with him.


In a small piece of synchronicity a new end (one end was crushed, the other untouched) for the concertina is taking shape in the workshop this week. The accident was a year or so ago but I have been shifting house and building a new workshop. It was a lovely concertina, it had been played by and received excellent reviews from many "name" players in Ireland and I thought I would keep it forever. In the aftermath I kept the next new one and it has captured my heart. Hopefully the broken one will again be a nice concertina in a few days. It will be interesting to see how new woodwork and bellows affects the sound.

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Trouble was, the car was loaded by an idiot. He is responsible for almost everything that goes badly in the workshop too. I must have words with him.


In his defense, though, isn't he also responsible for almost everything that goes gloriously well?

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A simple cradle (see attachment) may be made that reduces the rolling risk.


attachicon.gifEdeophone Cradle.doc




Hmmm... made out of foam and used as blocking at the bottom of a case, lifted out to use as cradle.

(But there's always the crowded pub where someone might bump the table over .. It's going back in the case when not clutched in my current death like grip!)

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