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Good Reads? *no Pun Intended*


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It looks like i'll be getting my first concertina much sooner than I expected. About 2 weeks from today actually. While i'm waiting, i'd like to get my hands on a nice book or two about the Anglo Concertina.


It could be about the history/evolution of the instrument, the makers, players(individual or compiled), a tutor or method book, really anything. My only true preference is that it be a book you've read personally and would recommend or know to be popular.


I've checked with the bookstores around here and I can't find anything, so I may have to order one online. Feel free to mention books I may find at the library.


Thanks for sharing!

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> http://www.amazon.co...y/dp/0982599617


I concur - social history at its very best, written by a man who clearly knows his stuff - light enough

style to satisfy the 'casual' reader, scholarly enough to satisfy the more academically minded. You

don't have to be a concertina player to get a lot from these two books.




Run (do not walk!) to your local bookstore and buy a copy now!



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Hey Maki, I decided to go with Wakker. I'll start on the Rochelle, move up to the Clover, and the move up to one of the Traditionals. If I ever change my mind, i'll get a Carroll. Having played one, I can't deny that they are very nice.

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