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Calendar System Needs Minor Maintenance

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The function in the Calendar system that allows the user to jump to a particular month, rather than scrolling through all the months in between, is controlled entirely by a list of months and a list of years. One can only select from these lists. In particular, it's not possible to type in a number for the year.


Unfortunately, the list currently ends with the year 2014, so it's not possible to jump to listings in 2015, though one can scroll to them by repeatedly clicking on the "NEXT MONTH" button. Paul and Ken, is it possible to update the list of years to include at least 2015? In fact, I think 2016 (and why not more?) should be included, since events early in that year could be added before the end of 2015.


Another, similar, function appears when posting an event. In that case it is possible to type in a date, which is good, because if you click on the little calendar icon to select a date, the list of years presented ends at 2011. Oops!




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I usually let Paul tweak these settings; will send him a note.



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