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Scandinavian Squeeze-In 2015

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Scandinavian Squeeze-In

April 24-26, 2015

(last weekend in April)


This will be our 16th annual SSI.

Once again in the main scout house (the better one) at Gamlegård, in Torna Hällestad, Skåne (southern Sweden). All squeezers and would-be squeezers are invited. (In fact, non-squeezers and even non-musician accompanying persons are welcome if they don't mind our obsession.)

Please see our web site -- http://www.nonce.dk/SSI/ -- for much more information.

In addition to here, I have posted the notice in the Announcements sub-Forum and also in the concertina.net Calendar (accessible through the menu at the top of this page).

The email invitation will be going out within a few days to former participants and others who have told me they're interested.


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This year's Scandinavian Squeeze-In begins in less than 3 weeks. There's still room for more participants, and we've extended the booking deadline to April 17. So if you haven't yet contacted us but would like to join us, just let me know.


See the above post (and our web site, linked above) for more information. And if you have questions, feel free to ask them here.

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Jim, did you get my mail? Tina and I are coming, too!


Great to know that you're coming. Looking forward to seeing you... both. And it just struck me that we may not have to provide meals for "Tina"? Eh? :unsure:


If we'd be talking about this kind of "Tina" I'd expect dozens... B)


In singular form "Tina" might thus rather mean a significant other (in human shape, and therefore with human needs) here...

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Well, we've completed another enjoyable weekend in rural Skåne, including a few highlights that had particular meaning for myself.


But since I'm the one who is "responsible" for the weekend, I'll step back and hope some other participants will give their own perceptions, "reviews", or whatever they wish to call them.


Several folks took photos -- I even took a few myself -- and have said they'll share them. So when I have a chance (not for at least a week, but hopefully soon after) I plan to add a small gallery to our web site. I'll announce that when I've done so.

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I recorded several video clips with my iphone. If I can manage the new version of iMovie without getting crazy, I'll put together a little video with the best of them. Would that be interesting for the website?

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Jim, I can only chime in in saying it was again a highly enjoyable weekend - with by now already familiar and amiable fellow and sister squeezers, and, last but not least, your unique irresponsibilty! I'm very happy about being part of this small friendly crowd and love to share our music in this friendly environment!


See you all again in 2016 hopefully! Best wishes - Wolf


P.S.: We'll have to review Dagmars photographs after having gotten back home (or an a rainy day before), and will love to send some to be included on the site if fitting.

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