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Can Anyone Recommend A Good Tuner In The South West?

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Hello people


I am based in Bournemouth and have a couple of anglos in need of a full tuning. Could anyone recommend a spot on great reed tuner for concertinas in the south west?


One instrument is a hybrid and the other has traditional reeds.




Best wishes to you all!





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Nigel Sture who lives in south Devon is your man ! He rebuilds/tunes and tickles up all sorts of concertinas- and is one of the experts used by Chris Algar of Barleycorn Concertinas ( probably the biggest reputable dealer in the world ) I haven't got Nigel's details to hand- just Google his name, it'll come up. He will also advise you of the reliable insured/postal/package door-to-door delivery service he uses.Having said that- if you are this way it's alovely way to waste a few hours poking around his workshop and seeing the fascinating instruments on his bench."Let the music keep your spirits high"

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Yes, I should have thought of Colin......but he always seem to have a long waiting list for new instruments. Nigel doesn't make brand new, whole instruments but concentrates on repairs and tuning and might therefore be more able to fit you in.Either gent is an internationally-renowned craftsman . I honestly don't know if Nigel is related to Lisa the step dancer..He and his wife are great musicians and well into dance , including running a ceilidh band

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