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Wtb Used (Rochelle, Jack, Jackie, Elise?) Beginner Usa


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Hello everyone,

I'm a musician's girlfriend looking to set him up with his first concertina. If I go new I'm looking at the Rochelle 30b for $415, but I was hoping to save some cash and go used. I'm not too committed on amount of buttons or even anglo vs. english, I just want to get the best quality for the best price.

If anyone has anything or can point me in the direction of something please drop a line.



Thank you!!!

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At present, I think (others may disagree) that the Concertina Connection has some of the best beginner instruments on the market. Wim, the owner, also has a great trade-in program if a player wants to step up to the "next better" instrument in his line.


Not to throw a wrench in, but I'm always stumping for Concertina Connection's "Elise" duet concertina. Depending on what style of music yr boyfriend is interested in, it could be a good choice. I find pop music fits it well. It has low notes on the left and high notes on the right (like an Anglo) but it is "unisonoric" like the English (same note comes out of the buttons on both the push and the draw). It also has a regular keyboard that can play in different keys without much trouble.




Good luck buying, and I hope he likes it! I've gotten a lot out of the concertina in general since playing it almost ten years. It is portable, and it is loud. :)




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Hi RoShayShay,

I have a used Jackie that I played for a year and a half. It has sat in a closet for the past two years because I bought a vintage English concertina.

I am willing to sell it. I also would include the tutorial book that came with it. If you are interested, please contact me by personal message to discuss the price.

Mary B

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You could also try putting up the same post at other music forums.




It will take time and a little effort, but may be it will

save you some shekels.



WRT chffandfipple, don't waste your time on it! Last time I tried the site would not load and when it did my account had been hacked. Waste of time.


BTW if you are still looking for a good deal i have a Rochelle which I do not play anymore due to other things, mostly Violin, and I would be happy to let it go. Messege me here.

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