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Xmas Greetings From The Bush Of Australia

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I will be away over the holidays so I am sending Yuletide greetings to the forum readers of this highly enjoyable site. Thanks to those who make it all happen.


The card is from the 1880s and portrays an Aboriginal Santa Claus riding a kangaroo and escorted by maids on emus. The young child is riding a galah! The sulky in the distance is driven by a Kangaroo and Goanna. You can't get much more Chrismassy than that! The second image, from the 1890s, shows Santa and a tree of watches - celebrating the first affordable wrist watch, The Waltham. The final image shows a bush dance led by (of course) a concertina player who just happens to be an alligator playing The Pioneer Polka.


What with climate change we Aussies are faced with a hell-hot summer so please think of us whilst you sit by your cosy fires looking out the window at drifting snowflakes knocking out a few old tunes on your concertinas.


Warren Fahey


For those interested my Australian Folklore Unit has recently been upgraded and redesigned including the concertina pages. There are also svereal free radio programs you might enjoy (under 'concerts' in the 'enter the collection' panel. About 35 programs on Australian folk music, including 'The Songs That Made Australia' which features some of my collected recordings of traditional singers. There's also a crackerjack concert from Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger (with some concertina) and another from sean nos singer Joe Hearny at Sydney Opera House in the 1970s..




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Season's greetings, Warren. I've just read a good review of Antipodean traditions: Australian Folklore in the 21st Century, in which I see your Sydney folklore project features.


Love the alligator!



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