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My New Parnassus

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I'm very proud to present my brand new concertina made by Wim Wakker, The Parnassus. It's been with me a couple of months now but I've refrained from posting any audio till now. It won't really be broken in for perhaps another twelve months and also the recordings don't sound as good as it is live. I've only recorded it with my H2zoom digital recorder, not my usual microvox. I'll never stick mics on this concer.


It plays beautifully, fast and smooth, it's loud and with a pure sort of tone. It's volume is is making me more aware of dynamics but still my accompaniment in these videos is a little loud. Still working on the light touch. Of course it's really good for tunes, one time when playing with other instruments my wife said it cut through with it's clear tone. But I don't play tunes much, it's songs for me.


These two are a couple you might not normally hear with concertina, fun to play and fitting to debut my Parnassus. Hopefully Wim will enjoy. In both I use the D# or G# as an alternative to the Eb or Ab. I did consider a meantone tuning but decided to go with equal temperament because of some of the songs I do.


My Canary has Circles Under His Eyes



Hernando's Hideaway





So is this the finest english concertina on the planet? Well one of six to date. Time will determine it's standing. I think it's wonderful, a very fine instrument. I'm interested to hear all critical comment. Considered critique is difficult of course without hands on but nevertheless don't hold back. About the instrument or the playing. Please try to refrain from commenting upon the countenance of the player.

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Sounds Good Steve,

I particularly like your Hernando's Hideaway .. very nice playing and expressive singing.


I would love to hear how much dynamic range this instrument has... I know that these little recording devices tend not to convey the extent of the dynamics... tending to flatten out the loudness range or over react to great chunks of Fortissimo, but I'm not going to be able to pay a visit to you in the near future so..... I'll await your developments , videonic that is!


Thanks for posting these,


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I can only renew my congrats on your acquisition. Given that the beautiful sound is not properly mirrored in such a recording at least the fabulous balance is clearly coming through!


And your renditions are charming es ever - just keep it up!


Best wishes - Wolf

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Steve, Very well done. It's easy to tell you feel the wait for the Parnassus was well worth the waiting. It's a beauty. Your selection of woods was spot on. Oh, your performances were spot on as well.


I wish you many years of pleasure with it,


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