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For Sale: Morse Geordie Tenor English Concertina


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I've decided to sell my 45-key Morse Geordie Tenor English hybrid-style (accordion-reeded) concertina, after finally deciding to use my limited free time to concentrate on my stringed instruments.


Manufactured in 2011, I bought this concertina from its original owner who apparently didn't use it much in the summer of 2013. Since then it has been gently used several times a week and always in my smoke-free home. As a result, it is in like new condition with no damage to the bellows, woodwork or reeds. It is in tune across the full range.


Here's the information about the Geordie from the Morse website http://www.buttonbox.com/morse-geordie.html

I've been most impressed by the very fast and responsive action, the quality of the reeds, especially those booming low notes and the extremely light weight considering the size (7" across the flats). It comes very well protected in the original hard case. A very impressive instrument in every respect that deserves to be played more.


I'm reducing my price to £1,400 or the equivalent in euros, as I'd really prefer to sell on this forum rather than Ebay, although that's what I'll have to do if there's still no interest here. This price includes insured postage from France within Europe. If it is shipped further afield, I'll pay half the postage & insurance although buyers outside Europe will be responsible for paying any VAT and/or import duties that may be due. I'll make a contribution to Cnet if I sell it here. Please PM me if you'd like any more information.


Now on hold as of 14/12/2015 - NOW SOLD


Thanks for reading.





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