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Jeffries G/d 28-Button Anglo

Paul Read

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Hi Paul,

Just curious - I saw that you ended the ebay auction.

Did you find a buyer?

It's a very nice looking instrument - too bad I just bought one.

Hopefully I will adjust to the long thin buttons on mine.



John Hamilton

Hi John,

I didn't find a buyer yet. Not the end of the world as I'm pretty happy with it anyway. Have you thought of having the buttons adjusted? I didn't realise you were in the market. Ah well.

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Yes the buttons on your Jeffries are similar in diameter to the other concertinas I have owned (Lachenal and Dipper), or so it looks.

The buttons on my Jeffries are 0.16 inch in diameter. I put tiny o-rings on the buttons which seem to keep fingers from

sliding. Works much better than you would think! I also reduced the total travel of the buttons (actually a local repair person did it) by putting felt under the bottom of the buttons. I have been told that any further change would involve buying shorter buttons and/or bending the bars that hold the pad, rivet, and button.


Let me know if you decide to list your Jeffries again.


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