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Fs: Elise Hayden Duet Concertina


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Thanks Matthew. Don't need the air-hole mod, but bushing would be wonderful.

I'd imagine bushing makes a big difference. The wobbliness of the keys was one of my primary gripes about the Elise.


Overall I really like the Elise as a starter Hayden, and for simple folk-music stuff I found the limited range to be usable. The tone isn't actually bad at all; different from but not necessarily "worse" than my higher-end Beaumont. I mainly upgraded because of the wobbliness of the action, and somewhat its slowness, but I still find the Elise usable. I guess other main gripe is it's kinda chunky for 35 buttons; crazy to upgrade to Beaumont and have the same size body but 52 buttons!


Elise is just big enough to sort of get a feel for the advantages of the Hayden's uniform layout, but on a bigger keyboard the easy transposition and regular reaches for intervals is really remarkable. Like any layout, it has its compromises, but the regularity makes improvisation/jamming so effortless, and really makes the relationships between notes very clear.

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