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A Treasure Trove Of Concertina Images From Australia

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I have just upgraded my Australian Folklore Unit website. Still have some correcting and heaps of material to add but I have just uploaded an entire section of rare

concertina photographs, cartoons etc to delight you.




There's also sections on the concertina and melodeon in Australia plus a story on John Stanley 'The Concertina Doctor' who guaranteed his reworked Lachenal anglos (under his own name) were louder for accompanying dancing!


There's lots more concertina history to come so sign up for my occasional newsletter.


Enjoy the image gallery.


Warren Fahey





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Hi Warren


I can't seem to be able to scroll the pages on your website… I registered but still no luck. I can open each section and choose from the pop-down menus but the pages will only scroll fractions at a time, hardly move… not sure what the problem is. Have any other members had this problem…?


Cheers, John

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There does seem to be something very odd going on with the scrolling. Using the cursor up and down keys it scrolls about four times as far as usual for each key press. Using the trackpad it scrolls at about a quarter of the normal rate unless I scroll very fast in which case it suddenly jerks forward and skips past a lot of stuff. The space bar and the scroll bar both behave normally. I'm using Safari 6.1.6 on a Mac.

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"There does seem to be something very odd going on with the scrolling"


Yes, I'm using a Mac as well Alex… found that the up & down arrows work on the keyboard but still can't scroll at all using the track pad, or, as you say, tiny little jumps… what I've seen looks amazing though Warren… an incredible collection, well done!

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