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Something Else From Behind The Sofa - Bangles/katrina & The Waves

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Here's the Katrina & the Waves song "Going Down to Liverpool" which the Bangles subsequently covered, my version being based more on theirs than the original.


Admittedly, the concertina plays a much-reduced role in this - I used it to imitate the way the Bangles did their backing vocals in their version of the song, so it's quite low in the mix, and doesn't appear immediately.


I never really finished it, and despite the fact that if I were to revisit it now I'd certainly redo the bits where the high notes in the vocal veer off pitch, when I found it again yesterday I was pleased with the gentle bluegrassy feel of the arrangement, so I thought I'd share.



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Another great track that takes me back to the good old days… I like the style of this, and, in the best possible way, it reminds me of the 70s and a number of bands from that era. Great music... keep digging behind that sofa!


I agree. Those of us "of a certain age" had a good soundtrack. There are, of course, many artists in many genres doing just as interesting and compelling music, but it's good to be reminded of old favorites.


Thanks again,


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