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A Bit Of Velvet Underground, Anyone?

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While rummaging through my hard drive, I found this recording from 2007 - a version of "Sister Ray" by The Velvet Underground, reimagined for duet concertina, acoustic guitar, and acoustic bass guitar.


In the interests of being "family-friendly" I should say that if you're not familiar with the song, it's a particularly sordid Lou Reed paean to, amongst other things, drugs, prostitution and murder - it's basically an urban folk ballad, really, but not for the queasy of stomach.


Anyway, it rolls along quite nicely, I think - I was pleasantly surprised when I heard it again after all this time.



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Sister Ray is one of my all time favourite VU tracks… and this acoustic version with a concertina is great! I get a real kick out of listening to instruments that were originally intended for a certain style of music, playing something quite the opposite. Really enjoyed this… thanks Stuart

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Definitely! Yes, she is a local treasure. I've seen her play many times. The wonderful video on the main page of her website right now was recorded about 1/2 mile from my abode: http://www.lorigoldston.com/





Tremendous - I was sad to miss her on her recent European tour. I've seen her live with Earth and solo a number of times. Superb musician - and a lovely lady to boot.

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