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New Video Course By Edel Fox


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Edel Fox has a new course on the Online Academy of Irish Music site. The videos are great and she gives good tips while demonstrating the tunes. In addition there is a slow animated facility that shows the fingering of the tunes. Think beginners as well as intermediate players will get a lot from this resource.


I have nothing to do with OAIM by the way other than being a subscriber.

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Lesson 1: Concertina Basics

Lesson 2: Maggie in the Wood

Lesson 3: Terry Teehans

Lesson 4: Johney Will You Marry Me

Lesson 5: Green Grow the Rushes

Lesson 6: John-McHugh's Jig

Lesson 7: A Hundred Pipers

Lesson 8: Bantry Bay

Lesson 9: Boys of Tawdragee

Lesson 10: The Maid of Feakle

Lesson 11: The Feakle Jig

Lesson 12: Sporting Paddy

Lesson 13: The Carrigkerry Slide

Lesson 14: Con Cassidy's Slide

Lesson 15: An Spealadoir

Lesson 16: Joe Banes Barndance

Lesson 17: Dan the Cobbler

Lesson 18: Tomeen O'Dea's Reel


Thats the basic lessons.


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Concertina Foundations tune list:

Road to Prizon

The Lilting Banshee

The Ship in Full Sail

Maids of Glenroe

The Five Mile Chase

The Upside Down Page

The Boys of Bluehill

The Bird in the Cage

The Little Drummer Boy

Kitty got a Clinking coming from the Races

Palmer's Gate

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Edel's Concertina Skills tune list:

Concertina Skills is aimed at the more experienced Concertina learner.


Lesson 1: 'Introduction

Lesson 2: Princess Nancy

Lesson 3: ‘Milner's Daughter’

Lesson 4: ‘The Chapel Bell’

Lesson 5: ‘Road to Eyries’

Lesson 6: ‘Trip to Durrow

Lesson 7: 'Jocelyn's Jig'

Lesson 8: 'Kiss Behind the Door'

Lesson 9: 'The Sunny Hills of Beara'

Lesson 10: Eamonn McGivney's Hornpipe

Lesson 11: 'Sailing Into Walpole's March'

Lesson 12: John J. Kimmell's Hornpipe

Lesson 13: 'The Nervous Man'

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A subscription to OAIM is $19.95 per month and I think you can quit any time. For the monthly fee you get full access to all the lessons they have on the site (fiddle, flute, whistle, etc.) as well as all of Edel's teaching videos and all of Ernestine Healy's, The videos are good quality and the instructors are accomplished. Unless you're a very advanced player on a variety of instruments, you'll find something here worth $19.95 per month.

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