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I do not wish to sound a sour note on this topic but having received my copy of this publication I cannot for the life of me see why it was sent and of what use it is to anybody. Perhaps as an appendix in Dave's book it might serve some use but to spend the ICA's money on its publication and distribution....... :huh:

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Here attached are pictures of the cover of the special edition "The Build Structure and Nomenclature of a Traditionally Constructed Concertina".

"Begun as an idea to write a "Concertina Parts for Dummies" to explain all the parts in the concertina since there are many larger and smaller parts in the instrument. When David Elliott was asked to check this and add to it he offered to rewrite it as "Nomenclature". This has become a very useful little manual.

As a professional engineer David has a lot of experience in technical writing and has been repairing and playing concertinas since he first inherited his great-uncle Harry's concertina. Thus David was the best person to have been asked."


For those who have no idea what to call a part when discussing it or reading discussions about it. Hopefully this may contribute to more uniformity in names of parts.

I understand that some people have different names for different parts. Hopefully one day someone will write an overview of the different options. As editor of Concertina World I do appreciate information or contributions on the subject.

This manual is part of the "Welcome Pack" for new memers of the ICA and has been sent to all present members.





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I found the special addition of Computer World very useful. It is a valuable supplement to David Elliott's Maintenance Manual, a must have for every concertina owners book shelf. The Special Edition and the content of this discussion thread also make for some good advertising for subscribing to Computer World.

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