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Cockatoon Of The Month!

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This is not played on one of my Morse concertinas but is on an old Bastari English concertina. I was playing for my bird to dance and he threw in a few 'hellos.'


Whisper is my cockatoo.


32-second mp3

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Hi Wendy


I can't believe that nobody commented on your dancing, singing, and talking cockatoo…! It's so cute that Whisper joins in with your playing, he or she obviously enjoys it, as I did too! :)


Oh, thanks! Well, that's okay... comments are optional!


I have never had a parrot (cockatoo) before, and 'rescued' this raggedy-looking one about two months ago. It's been re-homed about 4 times (too loud for most people) and at some point in time started pulling out it's feathers, and it looks like someone clipped the wings incorrectly (I don't know). The eyes are not totally black, are a brown color, so it's possibly a female. If I can ever manage to get the bird to the vet's office, they could tell me more.


I'd THOUGHT I was going to pick up a cockatiel, so I was a bit shocked to realize I'd promised my future to a 'too, but so far I don't regret it and Whisper is a wonderful companion. LOVES to dance to the concertina, and also loves the foot bass, which I've played more of lately.


How this bird has remained so kind and loving after suffering whatever has left it looking so war-torn is beyond me! If I can get some cute videos I will, of him/her dancing to the concertina.

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