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steven r. arntson

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Hi C-net,


I'm crossposting this notice I just put up on eBay for my Tedrow 40-button G/D Anglo hybrid, with Wheatstone layout. Please let me know if anyone has any questions about it---I can respond here or over at eBay. Thank you!






Here's a little video of me playing it. (Also posted on the eBay listing.)



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My wife bought me a Concertina Connection "Peacock" last February. I'm still fighting my way through the learning curve! I play pop-oriented music, and also like to play in lots of different keys, and the regularity of the Hayden layout combined with the ease of the instrument's unisonority have been huge boons for me so far. I've enjoyed it immensely. That said, it is a sad thing to let go of this Tedrow, because it's a higher-quality instrument than the Peacock. Ultimately, I may trade up to one of Wim's top-of-the-line Wakker duets. But that's an idea for another (more prosperous) year ... :)

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Hi Bob,


This one didn't come to me with a case, so I'm selling it without, too. I am very good with packing peanuts, though, and if it were to go overseas, I'd take great care.


I haven't got much experience with international shipping, but your query did prompt me to look into eBay's "Global Shipping Program," which appears to contract with Pitney Bowes to work out fees and tariffs, as well as contracting with 3rd party shipping companies on both sides. If you were interested in working it out thusly, I'd sign up for that program.




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