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The Town I Loved So Well - Shallow Brown - Rolling Home

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Thank you very much for the kind feedback Maki,


and I believe I can live with your preference and picturing pretty well... :) :)


(as to a square rigger, the closest I've come to sail on such a thing was a lovely Top Sail Schooner some weeks ago)


Best - Wolf

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Hello from Texas. I loved you song voice and accompaniment. What type of concertina were you playing? Do you by any chance have the arrangements of "The Town I loved so Well" and/or do you know when I can get the music. The other songs were great too. Thank you for sharing and please continue to do so. Stephen Knoll, Tyler Texas aka Stephentx

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Hi Stephen,


thanks a lot for your kind words, I'm very glad you like what I've been doing!


I'm playing the English Concertina, treble range, model is Lachenal Excelsior (I once posted some pics here).


As to the arrangement, I don't have one available as I just played and sang the song from my memory of a recording byThe Dubliners, but at least I can point you to the dots at DT (Digital Tradition) - which tell me that I should have had a look too myself (not regarding the key - Fmaj instead of Amaj ,which I deliberately choose to fit the range of my singing voice, but the two initial notes I seem to have missed) :D


Best wishes from the Baltic - Wolf

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I really enjoyed "Rolling Home." Could you tell me in which key you are playing and singing? I have a version in A major which I could transpose to your key. I would like to learn to play and sing along with your sea shanties.

Mary B

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Hi Mary,


thank you for your kind words, I'm very glad you're enjoying the song and some of the others! I would really appreciate your playing and singing along, as music is meant for sharing and joining in as for me...!


For "Rolling Home" (and for "The Town I Loved So Well" too) I choose the key of Fmaj, which is an odd one at least for song accompaniment here (which I mostly play an octave above my singing voice thereby exhausting the range of the treble English concertina with the bass notes in the keys of Cmaj or Gmaj completely). Fmaj thus means a lack of the fundamental (rather ending up on the low third, which goes well only if applied to just a few songs). With both songs mentioned I found my voice sounding best in that key, which I otherwise would only choose for playing instrumentals (mainly in Dmin/Fmaj) in a higher register.


I apologize for getting off the point... However, I seem to sing and play the song in the key of Fmaj... :)


Best wishes - Wolf



PS/edit: I seem to recall to have done "Rolling Down to Old Maui" in Dmin/Fmaj too (leaving the latter in the higher register there as the melody has been rising whenever demanding Fmaj); an accumulation which somehow appears strange to me... B)

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