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Wanted: Rochelle Anglo Concertina C/ G


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I have a Rochelle I am considering selling but I haven't quite made up my mind yet. I got hold of a Lachenal recently and I can't bear to play the Rochelle anymore.

The thing is it's only a 20 button Lachenal and I fear the day after I sell the Rochelle I will want to play a tune with c sharps in it.

Anyway, I am not sure you would describe my Rochelle as 'as new' but it is in good condition. It does have one small fault in that the push e on the left-hand c row causes the push a on the accidental row to sound with it.

I would have fixed it but I learned to work around it by half pressing the e button. It's probably an easy fix.

By the way, I live in Barnstaple.

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Hi Tom,


You could have refurbed the 24 button you have just sold me and used the C* s on that. I'm planning to juggle the reeds, etc. once I have it working to try and come up with a C*/C or B/C just to see how it goes. The intention is to use the additional buttons to keep some of the reversals and maybe add a drone. I already have another 24 button (Brass reeds) that I got working again and think it probably feasible.


I fear the day after I sell the Rochelle I will want to play a tune with c sharps in it.


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thanks for all replies. The Music Room are currently without stock and Rochelles are on back order. However, I have located one at Celtic Cords in Aberdeenshire and placed an order ( soon might have to pay import duty from Scotland). A fault on their website was saying none in stock, but an email enquiry revealed otherwise. Other option was to import one direct from Makers in USA at quite reasonable cost.


I know Rochelle is a basic box, but we all have to start somewhere. I used to play a Pokerwork Melodeon but now could not do without my Salterelle Connemara.


From my side, this thread is now closed as item no longer required.

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