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What Other Instruments Inform/influence Your Concertina Playing?

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I do as much rehearsing in my head and my imagination as I do with the instrument in my hand. In fact probably very much more. It all starts when I wake up in the early hours of the morning. So what, I hear you saying ! Perhaps everybody does ?


Oh yes, I often practice EC (or more recently duet) fingering on waking up. ('Er indoors often used to wonder what my restless fingers were up to but she's used to it now! Same thing when driving, though of course it does nothing for your bellows technique.


I find EC and flute playing tend to inform each other. And I too have been aiming for guitar or piano-style arpeggios on Crane left hand. Otherwise, my Crane playing tends towards the harmonium sound, I suppose.


But every instrument has something to teach us. In my youth, i played appalachian dulcimer, which taught me a lot about modes.



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