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English Concertina For Auction, Bourne, Uk


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For auction by GOLDING YOUNG & MAWER, 17 September, viewing 16th Sept.



Lot 271
An Edwardian hexagonal musical concertina, in square case.
Seems to be one-and-a-half concertinas here!!
I see they describe it as a "musical concertina"!!
tallship requested a direct link, here it is ::: http://www.goldingyoung.com/Lot/?sale=BC170914&lot=271&id=424622&ref=73533
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I do find posts like this challenging. A link to an auction house website, a lot number and a sale date. Go to website, enter lot number into search window, nothing. Go to sale date page, enter lot number, I get an error.


If you got as far as finding the lot including photos why can't you post a link straight to the sale item?


Given that the pictures show the left hand end of an instrument with ebony or ebonised ends and an entire 48 button English with dark brown (possibly Mahogany) ends I'm not quite sure what's for sale here.


I think I'd walk away from this unless it sells for silly cheap!

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