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Desperately Seeking A Band Name.

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I thought this obvious name was taken, but a quick search suggests maybe not:


The Contra Temps.




Then how about Contratempestuous?


Contra Temp Pests? (Not to be mistaken for permanent pests. ;))


Or The Contratempers? (I'll leave it to others to decide whether that means they're even-tempered or ill-tempered.)

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It's beginning to look like the best bet is to avoid trying to incorporate such references as "contra", "band", "reed" and "string". So my mind wandered to some old music hall song titles:

  • Down the Road
  • It's Nice to Get Up In the Morning
  • A Little of What You Fancy (Does You Good)

Names of tunes. Many good ones are already taken, e.g.,

  • Banish Misfortune
  • Last Night's Fun
  • Whiskey Before Breakfast

(those last two both have concertinas).


But there must be many good ones left.


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"The Band Whose Name Is..."


So the caller will keep making announcements like "... and let's have another round of applause for The Band Whose Name Is..."


Or even "... another round of applause for the band whose name is The Band Whose Name Is..."

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...the deadline is in 10 hours.

As Wolf has noted, the deadline is past, so I presume any further suggestions will be for potential future use. Well, why not? Any and all suggestions here -- except any already taken -- should still be available to Jody or anyone else.


I occurs to me that the more memorable band names rarely try to refer to either the dance or the music; instead they just have their own personalities. E.g.,

  • Grand Picnic (that's one of Jody's)
  • Nightingale
  • Wild Asparagus
  • Fresh Fish
  • Swallowtail

For additional inspiration (or expiration?), here are links to a couple of past threads about band names:


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