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Fs: Wheatstone Anglo C/g Linota, #34842, 31 Buttons. €2,750 / $ &

David Levine

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Wheatstone Linota, #34842. Made in the 1930s. 31 buttons, C/G, in excellent tune. Needs no work at all. New wooden ends, new metal buttons, new button bushings, new pads, new hand rails, new straps, many new valves. Good, tight bellows. Overall in excellent condition. Looks new. It plays beautifully and has good volume.
The reeds have not been filed to death. They are top quality and are in very good condition. The concertina comes in a good new hard case. Minimal charge for shipping.
It has a classic clean, full Wheatstone sound. This is a very low price for a fine instrument.
Asking €2,750 or $3,600


Edited to reflect the change in value of the Euro relative to the US dollar.


post-671-0-36124300-1409385824_thumb.jpg post-671-0-53962500-1409385986_thumb.jpg post-671-0-65962000-1409386120_thumb.jpg

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