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How To Find Concertinas At Auction.

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Now, for the past few weeks I have been posting messages about concertinas that I have discovered are coming up for auction.


It might be easier for you and less work for me if I just gave you all the links to the sites that I'm using!!


The first is https://www.ukauctioneers.com/ a site that brings together the catalogues of many auction houses in the UK.

Go to LOT SEARCH put in concertinas and away you go. You'll also get hits on "concertina doors", "concertina cards" etc ignore those!!


The second is http://www.invaluable.com/ . This is an international site so you'll need to filter the results appropriately.


I used this site to review past auctions and discovered that 17 Wheatstones and 21 Lachenals had been througth the various auction houses since January 2013, and 17 Rock Chidleys since 2000. (In the UK alone)


Here are some past Wheatstone prices for you to ponder -

48 English metal ends, No 28089 = £1000

48 English rosewood ends, No 21155 = £650

10 button Anglo??No 28204 (minature) = £650

56 English Ebonised ends, No 34690 = £450

48 English Ebonised ends, No 32828 = £460

48 English Rosewood ends, No 19654 = £850

48 English metal ends, No 30899 = £950

Tricky image - 37/38 button Anglo No 54785 = £1500:


Here are some past Lachenal prices -

48 English wooden ends No 47770 = £180

20 Anglo wooden ends = £220

56 Edeophone No 39291 = £ 0 (failed to sell/make reserve)

48 English wooden ends = £40 - missing one button & thumb straps

24 Anglo wooden ends No 109517 = £160

33 Anglo? wooden ends = £800

Many of the others listed failed to sell. Of course the true condition of the concertins is unkown as the descriptions are very brief.


Soo, they are out there and they are coming up at auction.




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...holy gucamole, a person could really squander full days away looking at all the interesting "auctions". That is a world I've never been exposed to. And that is not even looking at the concertinas!!! Don't let me start that vice also!

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An auction site that I have found very good is


It consolidates auction rooms from all over the UK and beyond.. You will usually find one or 2 concertinas there.

At the moment there is well over a dozen since Gardiner Houlgate (auction house) have just published their catalogue for their qiuarterly musical instrument auction.

They usually have a few Wheatstones and Jeffries in their sales.. but also Banjo's, Mandolins, Flutes and tons on fiddles.. you can go direct to their site and see what they sold in the past..


The saleroom also allow you to listen live to some auctions over t'internet and online bidding..

The ultimate time waster..

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Wheatstone did make some large key count anglos in the early 1920s and there was a thread here a couple of years ago about some of them. I can't remember the thread tile. I think they were all specials and I'd hazard a guess that none of them above 40 keys became a standard model.


I've got a 47 key version and Vic Gammon has a 50-something version. The layout of mine is the basic 40 key version with a couple of additional accidentals at the high and low end of the scale and more alternatives for existing notes in the alternative bellows direction.


The rationale is probably the same as for large key count Jeffries - to enable more legato playing whilst retaining the rhythmic bounce of the anglo.


Of course, it's also possible that this particular instrument has more drone buttons on the 4th row like the anglo-duet which regularly appear on ebay


Alex West

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Well done - it looks like a fabulous instrument! I see you're describing it as an AngloDuet; have you had time yet to produce a key map and are there a lot of drone buttons?


If you expand the photos of the buttons that Graham has provided, you'll see he's labelled them with their notes. And the "duet" part is apparently due to the fact that several of the additional buttons are unisonoric.

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