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'tips On Recording And Posting' Thread

Jim Besser

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I've had a lot of questions about the best way to record and post to the TOTM forum. I'm creating this thread so we can share tips; I'm far from an expert, and I, too, could benefit from the ideas of others.


What I've done in the past is very basic.


For videos, I use the video function of my iPad or iPhone, record the tune and directly upload to YouTube from the app (after viewing the video, hitting the share icon, selecting YouTube, filling out the required dialogs, etc.)


For audio recordings I use my Zoom H2N recorder to create MP3s, which I upload to SoundCloud after copying the files to my desktop. In some cases I've edited the MP3s first using Audacity. I use the H2N on a boom mic stand, placing it fairly close to the instrument, directly in front.


However, I am running out of room on my free SoundCloud account. Since I am thinking about signing up for Dropbox Pro for all my cloud storage needs, I have been experimenting with putting the MP3 recordings into my 'public' folder and using the 'share' function to generate a URL that I can post on c.net. This results in a much more basic looking player for visitors, without the list of prior recordings that you get in SoundCloud, but for me it may prove more economical.


I'm sure there are other cloud-based hosts for MP3s. Has anybody used them?


Over at melodeon.net, there's a good FAQ with more talk about recording and posting. View it here.


Personally, I prefer audio only recordings to videos because I'd rather focus on getting good sound than on aiming the recorder just right (should it show my face? A closeup of the right hand or the left?) But I know others find the videos more helpful. YouTube does have one big advantage - plenty of storage space. And YouTube makes it easy to see a contributor's past offerings.


I have never tried other video sharing services such as Vimeo.


What are your favorite recording techniques? Do you have other hosts that work for sharing your recordings? What other issues do you have with recording for the TOTM?

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I've not tried it myself, but you could upload the audio to YouTube along with a static photo (or several) in the form of a slideshow. There's a guide to how to do this here:



Most consumer-grade camcorders and digital cameras have crummy microphones and little or no control over the gain.

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I have a multi track recorder for audio this enables me to overdub should I wish and I did it for one tune of the month upload here adding a ukulele accompaniment to the melody on the concertina.


I take part in a similar activity with the Ukulele Underground forum. Theirs is based on uploading to You Tube and I mostly record video in parallel with the audio and synchronise the files in my video editor. I have made slide shows as well and it's straightforward. My computer runs Linux so I use a Linux video editor but I have used Windows Movie Maker in the past to make slideshows with audio and I've also added a music track over a video of my granddaughter and it's straightforward. In both cases you simply dragged the slides on to the timeline and dragged them out to the length you want. The audio is added as a separate track. I usually put the audio in first then add the slides to the length of the audio file. There are fades and other transition effects available to smooth the transition from one slide to the next.


From what I hear from Mac users iMovie is also straightforward.

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