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Baffles - Pine Thickness?

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so to follow up, I refit new baffles made of leather from the Button Box using Robert Gaskins technique of foam tape. Again I was not trying to reduce volume, just help the tone. Results were interesting. There seemed to be no audible difference between the leather and cardboard baffles. But the concertina sounds good and I imagine the leather will last longer than the cardboard.


I'm still curious to see how pine would sound. Especially if they are hard secured to the fretboard on the six corners and 3 posts, the way older ones were, but while I'm sure I can do the carpentry required, I'm a bit tired of this right now and plan to just enjoy it the way it is right now for awhile.


My assumption is that having the baffle hard secured to the fretboard, rather than just resting on foam or felt will not reduce the volume as much, but still make changes in the tone. Something for the future.



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