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For Sale: Lachenal Edeophone 48-Key Treble English Concertina


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I'm regretfully selling my Lachenal Edeophone treble EC. It dates back to the late 1920s and was beautifully restored in 2013 by Bill Crossland who mentioned that it had belonged to the wife of a Salvation Army missionary working in Cuba in the 20s and 30s.

I've had it exactly a year during which time it has been played regularly but cosseted and has never left the house. It has a beautiful tone, is in tune (modern tuning) and looks wonderful with no issues. It has ebonised, French polished ends with no cracks. The bellows have 6 folds and are airtight.

It has the original leather case, in poor condition and held together by black tape. I've kept it in a hard case which is not for sale.


I'm selling purely to raise money for other projects and also because I feel it needs a better player than me to get the best out of it. I have a second concertina of inferior quality which meets my needs and can't justify keeping 2 excellent instruments.


The asking price is £1,600 or the equivalent in euros, which includes postage within Europe. I'm not looking to make a profit and this just covers what I have put into it.

Anyone interested who lives near La Rochelle in Western France, or is here on holiday, is welcome to visit to try it out. I can also send more photos and a basic soundfile.



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Dear Dean,


I play and collect English concertinas and I run the annual German concertina-meeting. I am always looking for good instruments for German players, but it must be "bargains". So I can offer you 1.500€ for the instrument!


All the best




PS: I passed Bordeaux a few week ago - had I known....

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