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Backpack For Concertina

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Hi, I bought and tested a backpack fitting for our concertinas.

I use it when I walk around or I drive my motorbike.

The product is this: http://www.koolertron.com/koolertron-canvas-dslr-slr-camera-shoulder-bag-backpack-rucksack-bag-with-waterproof-cover-and-inner-padding-for-sony-canon-nikon-olympus-inner-size-45cm-x-30cm-x-20cm-yellow-p-146.html

I fit an old camera box to protect my Wheatstone EC.

The result is very good. Another positive feature is the bottom space, separated from "concertina slot", where you can put objects.

I hope that this advice will be useful...






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...I bought and tested a backpack fitting for our concertinas.


But be very careful of your balance.


Falling backward onto your concertina can be a serious matter. Happened to a friend of mine (on an icy day), and he needed a new bellows. Luckily, nothing worse for the concertina. And he didn't damage his back, though I wonder whether a hard case (there's one in that backpack?) with sharp angles might not have been more dangerous in that regard.


Unlike with a case held in your hand, the backpack can't be pushed aside to avoid more serious impact.

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Yes Myrtle, it's a treble EC. Perhaps an original concertina case fits better. The new boxes are a little bigger than the slot.


Hi Jim! A fall is a bad situation but, on the motorbike, the concertina is the last of my worryes! ;-)


The box in the backpack is semi rigid. I put a foam layer around it to prevent shock and to dampen the contact with the back (also in case of falling - correct observation Jim)

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I have a Lowepro camera backpack with a very similar layout which works excellently for concertina. There's substantial back padding on mine as it also has a laptop sleeve (closest to one's body) which is itself heavily padded in addition to the "concertina compartment" padding (intended for a DSLR camera and lenses). I don't put the concertina in a box in the bag; I just have the pads in the bag adjusted to keep the concertina fairly snug.

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Jim, you are going to love it. I do... and so smart, in musician black (not to put down the charming rucksack look of Eddy's excellent bag).


It came today and it's perfect. A good price at Amazon in musician basic black: http://www.amazon.com/Lowepro-Flipside-300-Backpack-Black/dp/B000YA33DC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1406668018&sr=8-1&keywords=Lowepro+Flipside+300&dpPl=1


They also have it in blue, but for 40 dollars more.


I held back because I was nervous about carrying expensive vintage concertinas in a soft case. But I've pretty much abandoned playing the old instruments on Morris tours - the Morse hybrids are loud, light and easily replaceable, unlike the Jeffries - and the Lowenpro bag is perfect for long days of Morris dance touring. Thanks for the recommendation.

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Alright Jim! Your back will thank you. There is even room for a spare set of glasses, directions to the next stand, a small repair kit and water bottle (never leave home without them).


BTW, I do carry my vintage instruments in this bag and have never had a problem yet. The padding is substantial. I think if a locomotive ran over your Jefferies, it would be unlikely to survive, even in the sturdiest of cases. The danger is more in dropping the instrument off the table and onto a concrete floor (it happened to me once, and now after repair, it plays as good as old).

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