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Concertina Microphones

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The detachable cable is a nice feature if damaged. They terminate in a miniature xlr to either connect to an AKG B29L or new equivalent. They can also be used with adaptors to regular XLR, and two independent channels provided for sound person. The treble a little hot on these, and also should use the small foam windscreens specially if performing outdoors. The windscreens also take a little of the edge of treble away. The mounting system is non invasive, using an adhesive patch that can be easily removed. Better yet for microphones are DPA 4099U, however mounting is tricky. may have to be handy to make mount comfortable on a concertina.

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They also require a small unit intended to be attached to your belt or similar. This holds a battery to power the mics, a couple of controls to balance the relative outputs of the two mics and a single XLR output. I've had the predecessor C416 mics through my hands and they are very nice mics. The system is not cheap but gives an order of magnitude better results than Microvox.



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