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Fs Morse Albion

Sarah Swett

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Gosh, Brandon, NO, I'm not giving up Concertina playing one bit! Couldn't do without it. Indeed, I play more all the time.


It's just that I have been playing my brass-reed Jones almost exclusively because I like the sound so much and decided to sell the Albion because it is a fabulous instrument and should be in the hands of someone who will play it and loves the hybrid sound.


Also, I'd like to have the money available "in case" I find another concertina-reeded instrument whose sound I can't live without.


There are actually several concertina players in Moscow, two of whom (a duet and an Anglo), come to the slow jam that meets the 2nd and 4th saturdays of every month. Come on up! Apparently there are one or two concertina players in Sandpoint too, though I have not met them.



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