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Charlie In The Meadow

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Very nice Wolf. What a charming little song, well performed.


You are really leading the way in song accompaniment on Cnet. Keep it up. I've noticed quite a few other members have mentioned in posts that they accompany themselves, so the concer is being used a fair bit out there for singing. And it's such a great little instrument for that. If we keep posting songs perhaps eventually it will encourage a few othe first time song posters to share. Goodness, I don't regard my singing voice as anything special so hopefully others won't be discouraged by a perceived inadequacy.


However I won't be posting anything for a little while now, sorry. It's over to you Wolf, and some others hopefully.


Cheers Steve.

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Thank you so much Steve, I'm very glad about your feedback!


And you're absolutely right, we should very strongly encourage posting imperfect takes like we do ourselves...!


...and my next recording makes up a pretty good example as to being rough and premature... B)


All the best - Wolf

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Great fun Wolf, well played and sung. I love the way you've picked out the key features of a multi-instrument arrangement and presented it in such a relaxed style. This song has been a favourite of mine for decades and I hope it will be a favourite of yours for many years to come.


Have you heard a song called "When the Snows of Winter Fall"? You could really go to town on that one!

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