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Seeking Advice On A Couple Of Repairs I Need To Do

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The dampers will be a function of condition and key height above the metal end when the key is pressed full down


I followed what you were saying right up till this point. But I'm not sure what this sentence means. What are "the dampers"?



The ICA have just published a special edition newsletter which is a full nomenclature and description of concertina parts and the various sub assemblies down to component level, you might find this useful in naming and locating the various bits in a box.


Dave E



Thanks, Dave. I just spent a while looking around the International Concertina Association website at http://www.concertina.org, but I was unable to find a copy of this newsletter online. Do you know where I can find a copy of the newsletter?


BTW, I do have a copy of your book. I've read through much of it and found it helpful.

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With regard to cleaning the buttons, I use a method similar to David Robertson, using a Dremel tool. I use a a buffing wheel mounted in the Dremel (clamped to my bench) and hold the buttons with my fingers (using a disposable vinyl glove) lightly against the buffing wheel and rotate. As a compound, I use "Blue Magic" metal polish cream - which is commonly sold in automotive stores for restoring mag wheels - listed as safe for all metals, chrome, aluminum, brass, stainless etc. It isn't an agressive compound, which results in a brilliant shine without removing metal. It also has some gental cleaning agents in the cream, and leaves a very thin coat of silicon for protection (I haven't noted any problems with that). I don't use a lot, preferring to just put a thin coat on the button metal with a Q-tip.


Brasso would probably work just as well.


With care, none of the compound winds up on the wood. But do wear a shop apron and safety glasses because some compound will throw off.


There's probably many different ways to approach button cleaning, and that's just one. The intent is to avoid any significant force, harsh fluids, aggressive abrasion, or contamination that affects the wooden portion.



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On the subject of vacuum cleaners, you can get mini vacs which are for cleaning computer keyboards or camera lenses. I got one on ebay last year to remove the "carpets" from my daughter's computer. works pretty well.

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