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Where To Place Padding In A New Case

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I assume that everyone who makes padded cases puts it on the bottom, and probably in the lid. I have some 3/8" firm closed cell foam that seemingly would be ideal for that.


Do you also put padding on the ends of the case or on the sides?


Do you put padding on the edge of the blocks used to hold the concertina closed?


What do you use for padding and what thickness do you use?

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On the corner blocks, which hold the concertina closed, I use leather to cover them. One case that I did this way and its concertina is taken out and replaced twice a day for seven years with no visible wear on the instrument.


I like to use a foam pad, top and bottom, to keep the instrument from moving and to dampen any vibration shocks. I recall one old concertina who's reeds could be made to slip out of their slots in the reedpan by a sudden jarring, such as placing it on a table less than gently. This same instrument would have to ride on the seat of the car when travelling for the same 'shock absorbing' requirements.


A little 'foam' padding can also insulate against temperature shocks. A friend told how a piece of wood had cracked in his instrument after a half hour's conversation standing outside a Bar, after a long session.... it was a very cold night and the case was placed on the ground!


I use the Foam mats sold in sports shops as camping sleeping mats or for gymnastic exercize.

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I have found the dense foam used to make block cushions for ICT equipment can easily be cut to make blocks. They have the virtue of being dense enough to absorb shocks whilst firm enough to hold the instrument securely. I would also expect them to have been tested to ensure they do not off-gas in a way that affects delicate metalic components of either PCs or concertinas. Some seem to be derivatives of the more dense forms of plastazote extensively used in museums for packing delicate items (and available online - although Geoff Wooff's suggestion, above, would seem far more cost effective for sheet forms). They will take an adhesive if you wish to add a fabric covering.

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