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"christmas Concertina" Book Goes Multimedia


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I don't know if this is a first in music publishing or not, but "Christmas Concertina" (for 30-button Anglo) has just been updated to include QR codes for all 50 Christmas tunes (see attached example).


Simply scan the codes with a smartphone app like Red Laser and it will immediately take you to a YouTube video of the tune played twice through. Much better than having a CD included with the book, and you can actually see and hear how the arrangement in the book is played.


I've used QR codes before to develop inexpensive historical markers that link to online text and historical photos, but Mike Oxtinks' recent post here on cnet got me thinking why not try it with a music book.


Thanks to print-on-demand publishing, all new copies ordered on Amazon and through the Button Box will have the linkable codes.


Pretty cool technology! Now if Mr. Coover would just hurry up and get the videos completed for the other books...........








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Jim, you just need a QR code that links to someone else singing that song!


I've been trying to find any other music books that use QR codes to link to videos, and I'm not finding anything. Surely this isn't the first? If so, then it's concertinas leading the way!



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