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Oldest Surviving Concertina?

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Hiya all you very experienced concertina players! Any help here appreciated. I have a concertina that that belonged to my late Dad. He lived in Portsmouth opposite the old Sailors Return. Sadly no longer there!! It is inscribed in ye-olde world writing .... Feptember 1742 eeeeeek! I can just ready on the little tag that it says ... the fearless (or maybe peerless anglo-german Lancenal & Co. John ? ? London. :P


Its not working it quite grubby, there are 21 little white button and it looks like the typical Lacenal. :blink:

I think it may have a value and id like to sell it to raise some funds for myself.

Any ideas on what its worth? :unsure:Have a really great day youall :)

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Hi Ellen,


I'm sorry but concertinas were first made (by Wheatstone) in 1833, at which time they were all English system (the one in my avatar is "the first concertina") and Anglo concertinas were not made until the 1850s. The Lachenal firm was only established in 1858 and didn't start to make any Anglos until 1862, whilst John G. Murdoch & Co. applied to register "THE PEERLESS" as their Trade Mark on 5th June 1884 - which means your concertina must have been made after that date.


So, whatever it's about, the 1742 date on yours cannot possibly be how old it is.

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Hi all, thank you so much for all your kind suggestions. ;) I'm sorry I didn't get back sooner been at work. I will post some pictures of it later (early evening) when i'm home. Thank again all and have a fabulous day.. Ellen :).

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