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Fiddler's Green

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Hi Steve et al.,


here's another recording of a great song, unplanned and with the voice slightly too prominent, but not too bad to my ears...:



Fiddler's Green

Best - Wolf



Very nice, Wolf! Sounds good.


That's reminds me of this post:


--some words by Jim Lucas.


For the record... that frog is still standing, still holding his concertina. He has weathered many winters.

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Very nice Wolf, I don't think your voice is too prominent, perfect balance in fact. After hearing you do this I feel I should learn Fiddler's Green. It would be a good addition to my repetoir and not too difficult on the concer. And as a bonus if I relearn the words of another song, an Aussie one, I used to sing, The Dying Stockman, I'd have two new songs.


The songs go on. I've another to post soon. English is great for accompaniment, not too heavy.


Cheers Steve.

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Thanks a lot Wendy and Steve, very glad you like my take on this lovely tune (and find the technical side appropriate as well)!


Steve, you should in fact learn it, it's such fun, all the more in front of an audience willing (and capable) to join in....!


Looking forward to your posting a new video Steve, and Wendy please give my regards to the toad, err... frog.... :)


Best wishes - Wolf


P.S: I'm loving toads and frogs likewise.... B)

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