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Self Taught For About 5 Years. Time For A Lesson (In Pennsylvania)&#33


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Hi good people!

I was wondering if there was anyone in Pennsylvania who might be willing to give a lesson on the English Concertina. I am in central PA, but am willing to travel quite far for an occasional lesson.


After several years of teaching myself, I can muddle through by hitting notes, even the correct ones fairly rapidly when appropriate. I believe that my primary deficit is in the artistry that will turn those notes into music. I like playing a wide variety of music, from traditional Irish and Scottish, to classical. Have been having fun with some tangos, lately too. I think pointers on technique, style, phrasing, accompaniment would all be things from which i could benefit greatly.


Thank you for any suggestions, and if you're willing and able to teach, please send me a p.m!


I play a Baritone Geordie from the Button Box

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Hello, Podzol.


While not a "lesson" per se, have you attended the NESI Squeeze-in in Becket, MA? If so, you know what a wonderfully eclectic mix of squeezers and music (with lots of EC) it offers. If not, you should definitely check it out. Lots of great workshops and jams, food and fellowhship. Just aim your browser at NESI Squeeze-in 2014 and you'll find it.





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If you feel it's the artistry lacking, you might just (or in addition to lessons) listen to good musicians and recordings repeatedly, to get a notion of how ornamentation and phrasing is meant to sound...


Somebody called this "learning by osmosis"... :)


Best wishes - Wolf


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Rachel Hall has gotten together groups of players in the Philadelphia area in the past; perhaps someone here can bring you up to date on that. She and others often come to the Northeast Squeeze-In; I second that recommendation.


Over here in the Pittsburgh area the only EC players I can think of (I play anglo) do it as a second instrument or sideline.



western PA

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Many years ago I came across and downloaded a set of the most famous 3 Ballydesmond polkas with concertina right out front. It was played by a band from Lemont, which googlemaps tells me is pretty central n Pennsylvania. The band is called Callanish and appears to still be active today. http://www.callanishband.com/meet-the-band.html


The concertina player, Patty Lambert, teaches in her home, probably flute, but maybe also concertina on (unlikely) demand. The big question is what system. I have the distinct impression from several years ago that she played English, but the website doesn't say and my memory is just as distinctly unreliable.


Just a shot.


I've never met Rachel Hall, but what a fine player. You can listen to a few of her tunes on Jody Kruskal's website.

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for your thoughtful replies! I will have a closer look at the squeeze in. My life's a wee bit complicated so it's hard to get away. Maybe, though.... :)


I do know Patty Lambert! I occasionally try to keep up at the sessions that she organizes and we play in the same community band. She's wonderful, plays Anglo, tho. She could help me from the stand point of Irish music, for certain, if even on a different system.


I might try to cross paths with Dr. Rachel, and i certainly like to listen to good music and will seek more concertina recordings.


I appreciate your help!


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