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Just Like Jody...almost

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I was inspired to learn Fishing Blues from the playing of Jody Kruskal. I would never have considered doing this one if it weren't for him and it's great to pick up a few things from an expert. I wasn't thinking when doing titles and misnamed it, not to worry. Here it is.




The audio is not that great, had a few issues when recording and neglected some settings. Critical comments welcome.


And here's Jody doing the expert's version.



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Very nice performing Steve! - albeit, if you don't mind me, I appreciate your version (which will have been justly credited to Jody's gorgeous model) rather in its own right than as sort of a minor derivative of Jody's - and I'd guess you might take it still a little further in your personal direction from there...


Guess we keep this song with accompaniment thing going pretty well... :)


Best wishes - Wolf

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