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Last Rose Of Summer

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Very nice playing Wolf. It is not the way I hear that tune, but that's not a criticism. You've got a good concept in place and nailed it. I hear it much slower with more "slush" and with big ritards at the spot where the hold is. Probably this is from listening to the great tenor John McCormack (among others) sing it.

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Thank you so much Chuck and Stefan, I'm very glad that my version sounds appealing to you both!


And yes, I love listening to John McCormack singing this song and the likes too! For my part I initially didn't include the hold at all, having it swapped with a somewhat straighter figure before I developed the actual option midway between keeping the waltz pace and the freer vocal ornamentation...


I believe it's the instrument (resp. my alliance with it) which gets me playing the tune this lively way; singing it is a different thing, and playing it with the piano as well... OTOH I seem to tend to add momentum to tunes anyway... :)


Thanks again! Best - Wolf

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