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Jody Kruskal's Uk Tour Schedule In November 2014

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Here’s my November UK tour Schedule. Mark you calendars now.

My shows are very entertaining. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll sing along on the chorus.

Jody’s November 2014 Solo Tour:

Tue. 4 Great Knight , Northampton

Wed. 5 Dorking Folk Club

Thu. 6 Old Oak Concerts, Derby

Wed. 12 Electric Palace, Harwich

Thu. 13 The Tump, Coventry

Fri. 14 The Goose is Out, London

Sat. 15 Lewes Saturday Folk Club.

Concertina workshop and concert.

Mon. 17 Nellie's, Tonbridge, Kent

Tue. 18 Ringwood folk Club, Hampshire

Wed. 19 Admiral Benbow, Penzance

Fri. 21 Bodmin Folk Club

What are folks saying about my music?

“What a refreshing sound!” - Sing out!

“Brilliant concertina player” - Vin Garbutt

"Fab" - Heather Wood

"Supremely entertaining" - Colin Dipper

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Your agent needs to introduce you to the North of England, Jody! You might be pleasantly surprised.

My agent is................... ME!


I'm not sure why clubs, festivals and venues in the southern parts of the UK want me, but the Northern ones seem less interested. I have tried and will continue to offer my services up North. Most venues are all booked up so It's likely too late to add any dates for this November. I'll come again though, with a few invitations and one booking with a firm date at Tigerfolk in Derbyshire on Sunday November 1st, 2015. Perhaps while I'm up there I can put something together even further North.


Any suggestions?

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in the united Kingdom, some people still think the north of ENGLAND is south! :)

True. There is always something to the South of you... unless you live at the South Pole!


As for me, I would be quite satisfied to play in Yorkshire.

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