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Swaledale Or Witney?

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My teacher has suggested I consider going to one of these two events. I gather Witney is more earnest and Swaledale is less formally structured, but that's about all I know.


I own a 30 button GD Anglo and a Jeffries with more buttons than that which is in B flat/F. I play mainly Morris and folk tunes in the harmonic style, mainly in the home key, sometimes in the second key and occasionally straying further. I think I'm reasonably musical, but my repertoire is only about 30 - 50 tunes (never counted) and I generally play slower than "wild session speed" - largely because I prefer it, but also because I have never practised flat out. I can decipher music slowly, but I can't sight read. I have a fairly good understanding of theory.


Which of the two events would you recommend. and why? Will I be OK without a CG box?



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I can't give you a comparison, but can attest that I found Swaledale to be very worthwhile when I went last year. I am an intermediate player, don't read music, and mostly play a 30 button GD anglo. Your description of the type of music you play is similar to my own interests. There was every type of concertina and player there, and something for everyone. A highlight for me was playing in a big ceili band for a dance at the village hall. Also the locale, accomodation, food and Black Sheep cask ale were outstanding, and the other attendees were delightful and very interesting.

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If you are going to Swaledale, you must have booked by now, so see you there.


If you go to Witney, I will see you there.


The general descriptions of both events are pretty accurate. You will find all kinds of concertina and all standards of playing at both places.

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