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Lachenal 24 Key Anglo - Newly Restored

Bill Crossland

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Newly restored, just off the bench, a Lachenal 24 key anglo in C/G, numbered 109, 517. Fitted with new pads, valves handstraps and 6 fold bellows. The new metal buttons have been bushed through the ends to quieten the action, and the woodwork refinished. Tuned to concert pitch.


The additional two buttons on the right hand are C# push/Eb pull on the top row and A push/G pull on the lower.


The left hand gives you Ab push/Bb pull on the top, and A push/G pull on the lower.


This gives you the chance to get into keys not normally attainable on the standard 20 key C/G instrument.


While this is a basic mahogany ended Lachenal, it's a decent player and a good step up from 20 key or cheaper accordion reeded instruments.


Price £475 plus appropriate postage, with a contribution to Cnet if sold through this forum.


Feel free to PM me for more details or better quality pictures - and if Holmfirth is convenient, arrange to come and give it a try.

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