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Jeffries Duet Sells For A Lot Of Dosh

Chris Timson

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I see yet another Jeffries duet has sold for a sum that would have seemed inconceivable a year or so ago, here on ebay. On balance I think this a good thing, since it seems to me the instrument is now most unlikely to be turned into an anglo, or (worse) mined for reeds. But I am curious as to why the sudden inflation in this type of concertina. What do people think?




PS we had a Jeffries duet player at the Freshford session last Monday (I didn't quite catch the name, but I think it was something like John Evans). Anyway, whoever he was he played a real blinder.

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At the same time the Wheatstone Anglo a few days earlier went for about £1500, which I thought was quite cheap. Mind you I'm no expert - was that particular Wheatstone not from a very good era or something ?


Regarding the rise in prices in general, could it be the rise of E-bay itself is partly to blame. If your selling a duet concertina on E-bay you're probably reaching 90% of all the people in the world who have an interest in buying one. Five years or ten years ago you'd be struggling to reach a small fraction of the potential buyers, and might well have sold to a dealer for quite a bit less. Also dealers now have to compete on the open market to aquire their stock, so prices go up.


Just a thought,



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I think the Wheatstone was 1950s which is generally thought of as a very sub-standard era, I believe.


You may be right about ebay, but it has been wonderful for people selling instruments as now they have a bigger market and don't have to give the dealer a cut. It does appear to be drawing a few instruments out of the attics again, particularly in Australia. This may be because people who have had these things for years are realising there is a market for them.

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I too was v. surprised at the price, and that there are are enough people interested in Jeffries Duets to push the price that far. Does the final buyer (I don't have the name handy) see this forum ? If so, then let us know what you think of it now its yours!

b.t.w. I was the Jeffries duet player at Freshford. Thanks to all for a pleasant friendly evening!

P.S. I must increase my insurance cover now.

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I too was v. surprised at the price, and that there are are enough people interested in Jeffries Duets to push the price that far.

Actually, there were only three bidders. It's just that one of them put in 19 bids rather than just putting in the highest they were willing to go at the start. The other two (including the winner) put in one bid each.




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Actually, there were only three bidders.

Or was there only one genuine bidder ?


The latest scourge on eBay seems to be new bidders ("newbies") with no feedback who have no intention of paying for the high value items they bid on, they just like to wreck people's auctions. The same thing happened with the bright red Crabb-double reed English, on E-Bay today, the same bidder (mactox2000) having bid on a total of 48 items (mostly cars) in the last couple of days and "bought" most of them. Four of his victims have already given him the following feedbacks this evening:


DO NOT TRUST THIS WASTE OF SPACE - no intention of buying, false phone number

Seller tigertrivass ( 14) 02-Nov-04 21:17 2497724104




Seller 20448bren0 ( 7 ) 02-Nov-04 20:31 2496978563




Seller cwalker1960 ( 52) 02-Nov-04 20:02 2498042366




Seller cmhauto ( 123) 02-Nov-04 18:06 2497716104


Unfortunately the actions of such sad individuals are not only wasting the time and money of sellers, but also driving up prices for genuine buyers.

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Well, in both cases the vendors had bids near the final figure from people who appear to be both genuine and reputable, so I hope that they were able to arrange a sale to them.


Like any form of vandalism, you are left wondering what possible satisfaction somebody can gain from such pointless activity.



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The other thing that seems to be going on certainly at Auctions is that cost price of new items,say Jewellry are being put up for sale at purchase price plus auctioneers commision to cover costs = Reserve price.Any sale above that and their in profit.


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