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Civil War Concertina Tune - "when This Cruel War Is Over"


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The really big surprise for me in working up the "Civil War Concertina" tune book (available via Amazon in a week or two) is the versatility and musicality of the lowly 20-button Anglo.


One of the most popular tunes of the 1860's was "Weeping Sad and Lonely", also known as "When This Cruel War is Over" (1863). Attached is a sample arrangement from the upcoming book.






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Very cool. I have a fiddle book with a very large number of Civil War tunes that I play from, but they don't always translate well. I will buy your book and give it a try.


I have spent some time sitting under a tree at the Manassas Battlefield playing Civil War tunes on the tina. Hope I pick up a few more from your book.

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