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Lachenal Maccann Duet, 46B


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I have gone ahead and listed the Lachenal Maccann Duet on eBay.




It's a nice instrument, though I never could get the hang of it. I couldn't fix the listing as eBay smashed it all in one big paragraph so here it is.


Lachenal Maccann Duet concertina, 46 buttons.


This concertina was restored in England before I purchased it. All of the reeds are tuned (I think to A440), and all of the buttons work. The serial # 1232 places the manufacture date to approximately 1896. The buttons have the notes stamped on the top, though some are slightly worn down from years of playing. It has been beautifully restored, the 6-fold bellows are in perfect condition, as well as the bellows paper, and the leather hand straps. The rosewood frets are unbroken, as can be seen in the pictures.


The finish has some wear marks, which is to be expected on an instrument this age, but otherwise it's in very good condition. (I don't have pictures of the inside as I hesitate to open the concertina up unless I have to.) Looking through the frets the pads look like they were replaced during the restoration, but beyond that I don't know. Includes a hard sided case, as seen in photos.


The concertina is a duet, with bass buttons on the left, and treble buttons on the right. The layout is known as "Maccann Duet", a well known and popular layout for duet concertinas at the time. All buttons are the same note on push and pull, much like an English concertina. The reeds all sound perfectly, and are probably brass. Below are two videos showing playing in and out on each note.


Right Side: http://youtu.be/MlbcYdV0_Mc


Left Side: http://youtu.be/GnQtsMgyciw



I purchased this to learn how to play Duet, as I play English, but could never get the hang of it. I'm on Concertina.net, and an active (English) concertina player so feel free to ask me any questions you might have. If you're interested in playing an antique concertina, adding a Duet style to your instrument playing, this would be the instrument for you!


(Note: This is not an accordion, but a concertina. It is similar in that the left side is the bass, but individual buttons are notes, not chords. If someone were an accordion player looking to expand to concertinas this might be a good option!)



If anyone is interested an might want the full size photos, drop me a line and I can email them. (I don't want to flood the forum with all of those.)



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