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Papers Of The International Concertina Association

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Just finished reading my copy of PICA, which I picked up at the ICA AGM last Saturday. I am much impressed, both by the quality of the writing and the interest of the topics covered, all put together in a well-produced publication.


ICA members, watch your letter boxes for this one. For everyone else, I gather it will appear on the ICA web site in electronic format once all ICA members have received their printed copies.


Well done,



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Glad you enjoyed it!


To be more specific - PICA will appear publicly (yes folks, its FREE!) on both the ICA and CSFRI web sites when it has been turned into webpages, set up and tested - which may take a little longer than you indicate. ICA members receive printed copies, which will be posted out any time now.


For those of you outside the ICA, the two leading articles are from Stephen Chambers on Louis Lachenal, and Richard Carlin on Frank Butler. Not to be missed!


Work on Volume 2 is already underway!



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How does one subscribe?
Go to the ICA's web site at www.concertina.org and click on the button labelled "Join Us", and all will be revealed! :)

Not quite all.


The Join Us link tells how to join the ICA, and membership does include PICA at no extra cost, but the PICA link says that one can also subscribe separately to PICA. Unfortunately, it doesn't (yet) give a price.


Of course, I recommend the membership instead of just the subscription, since I think the ICA would be worth joining even without PICA. In fact, when I first joined, I didn't know there would be a PICA. Now I'm a member of the ICA managing Committee (I guess that's some sort of "disclaimer").

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The ICA website also includes a membership form which can be printed and your details entered. this can then be posted to me with the appropriate rate of subscription ( currently 17 UK pounds or 29 US dollars ). We do not yet have facilities for electronic payment but will be looking into this.




John Wild

PS I add my congratulations to the PICA team.

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Wes, you're on the PICA Advisory Board.  Shouldn't you be the one to tell us?  Please.
No Jim; the PICA advisory board only advises on the contents, referees, etc. Its down to the publishers (ICA, via the committee) to set the price. You're on the committee, so you tell me!

Hey! You were on the Committee until Saturday afternoon!

Now I know why you retired... so you could put me on the spot like that. ;)


Seriously, though, I guess we'd better check our Committee records and report back with the subscription price.

I do think joining the ICA is still the best way to "buy" PICA, though.

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GOOD FOLKS: many thanks for the kind words about PICA. . . . . .the real hero is undoubtedly JON MCNAMARA, who did all the layout and generally supervised the production. . . . .


as for the cost of hard copy to non-members: according to the information on the inside of the front cover. . . . . it's £5



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Agreed....some fascinating stuff.

I enjoyed the reviews of the English tutorials and the CD's. I would have LOVED to have seen Allan Atlas's tutorial reviewed............I am thinking of buying it and want to see a review. Could his fellow board members persuade him that he has no reason for concern about any conflict.Surely the PICA is the most proper place to review the concertina related materials

I think I'll buy it anyway Robin

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