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Midlands Concertina Group Meeting, 12/04/2014

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Midlands Concertina Group will be meeting on 12th April 2014, 13:00 to 17:00 at Kingswood Methodist Church, Lambourne Drive, Wollaton, Nottingham NG8 1GR.


A typical meeting sees anything from a dozen to 25 or more people, with a range of instruments including Anglos, English and duets of various sizes.


Music is played solo or in duets or trios and includes traditional jigs and reels (English, Irish, Scottish etc.), Playford, American, "composed" music - in fact anything goes. Depending on who turns up there is often a workshop with a group of people working on a simple arrangement and playing it together.


It's always a friendly meeting and a chance to swap tips and get to know each other.


(For those who worry about such things, there is no link between the group and the church. We just use a room in the church building.)


Meetings are about once every 6 months and alternate between this church hall and a similar one in Arnold, a few miles away.


Everyone welcome. No charge, but there is a chance to make a donation towards costs.


The group also does a short printed newsletter, issued a month or so before each meeting.

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Well, that was a great meeting. 21 people present of whom 19 were players and 1 did a step dance. The meeting was in Nottingham but there were people from as far afield as Lichfield, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire.


There were about 28-30 concertinas in the room with a good mix of Anglos and English but no duets (unless I missed one). Two nice baritone Anglos were played and, by way of contrast, a miniature Anglo too.


The music included solo Morris tunes, pipe tunes and jigs and reels, church music and classical, and music played in duets and trios. A very friendly meeting with much to chat about and plenty of inspiring music to hear.


Next meeting will be in Nottingham in October. More details nearer the time.

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