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Name That Tune


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There is a tune played on the bbc series 'Shetland', I've heard it before but can't place it.


On bbc iplayer now Series 2 'Dead Water' part 1, 50mins 30 secs in.


I had a thought it might be one of Phil Cunninghams.


Any takers?



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Aly's Waltz I have it on a CD called Sliabh Notes (sliabh is pronounced sleeve :-) )




Good series, all the spinners and knitters that I know have been looking at the jumpers (disappointingly very few so far ... a lot of waterproofs and hoodies), and the musicians have been watching for some tunes and this ( a wedding) has been the first bit of music.



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Thanks Chris


I knew someone would come up trumps, and there was a sort of Cunningham connection.


I guess I heard it on Transatlantic Sessions.


As a lover of Scottish Isles I aught to make the long overdue trip to Shetland, though they do seem to have an inordinately high murder rate mmmm.


On the other hand one can never have too many jumpers.



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