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Peacock Special

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Hi All,

So several months ago I made the switch from English to the Duet. I purchased a flawless used Peacock Special ($2900 new) from the Button Box in November- It is in excellent condition and plays wonderfully, but I miss my Baritone English. The Hayden system is fantastic for playing pretty straightforward tunes and easily lets me accompany groups, but I miss all of the accidentals and lower bass notes.


For Sale is a Concertina Connection Peacock Duet Special. Below are the Specs from Wim Wakker's site. FYI Wim will accept this instrument in the trade-up program- it goes with the instrument, not the owner. Comes with a hard case. $2500. Will split shipping.



The Peacock is a 42 key hybrid Wicky (Hayden without the keyboard slant) duet concertina designed and developed by the Concertina Connection® Inc..
The instruments measures 7 inch across the flats. The Standard and Special models are available with ebonized (black) or natural finished ends
.The custom is available in a variety of harwoods.

Peacock special: standard natural finish with "Wakker" bellows

Specifications for all Peacock Wicky/Hayden duet models:

  • Italian hand made accordion reeds

  • traditional riveted brass action

  • traditional hand made brass end bolts and inserts

  • traditional flat top or domed metal capped buttons

  • bushed key holes and action

  • leather 6 fold bellows

  • hardwood ends, frames, action boards and reed pans


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